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One of Nantucket High School’s favorite events of the season: the right of passage that is “Junior Mister,” graced the stage of the Mary P. Walker auditorium once again on Friday, March 22nd, 2019. For only $10, those in attendance, NHS students and community members alike, enjoyed a vibrant and energetic throwback to the ’80s. Judged by Ms. Mason, Mrs. Macdonald, Tamoy Marner, and Silas Moore, all proceeds from the night benefited the junior class. Contestants included Devonte Usher, Matt Holdgate, Alec Vollans, Skyler Kardell, Ben Billings, Charlie Clarke, Micah Patterson, Darian Duarte, Kai Ottani, Jeffrey Daume, and the winner of Jr. Mr. 2020, Matt Giachetti. Much like a traditional pageant, audience members were treated to the shenanigans and comedic antics of eleven exceptional members of the junior class, including talents that ranged from rapping, dancing, kazoo-ing, rollerblading, and even some mind reading.

In short, this year’s show was “certainly something to remember,” according to chaperone Rosha Kelly. What makes this program so fun for both participants and attendees may lie in its laid back and often sarcastic atmosphere. On this matter, chaperone of Darian Duarte, Luly Day said, “the most fun aspect of the show was definitely just dressing up in cool throwback clothes and goofing off with everyone. What makes “Junior Mister” so enjoyable is that it’s a spoof, so there is no pressure!” As an audience member, the excitement of the junior class was undeniable, a fact which likely contributed to the success of this annual fundraiser.

This year’s program included significant increases in both crowd turnout and the number of contestants, and, according to Luly, the energy of the participants helped to bring out more of a crowd: “We were all super impressed with how into the show the boys in our grade were. Way more of them signed up for it than we expected, and that helped to get everyone invested in it!” According to Kelly, the fact that the show is nothing more than a spoof helped to ease the nerves of some of the contestants. For winner Matt Giachetti, “The most fun part was definitely shredding Billie Jean on the kazoo while Devonte danced. Also wearing kaleidoscope glasses, which makes everything around you look super distorted.”

The junior class extends their sincere thanks to Liela Marrett, Brianna Leveille, and their advisor Mr. Cothran, for “dealing with all of us” and making this year’s Junior Mister a wild success.


By Jennifer Lamb

Contributing writer


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