The third annual March Madness 3v3 basketball tournament, run by the Harvey Foundation, took place on March 23, 2019, at the Nantucket Boys & Girls Club (NBGC). Each year, all of the proceeds raised by the Harvey Foundation through the tournament are transferred directly back to the Nantucket Boys & Girls Club, in order to benefit them in one way or another. This year, the goal was to fund the purchase of new vehicles for the NBGC to more efficiently transport the more than one thousand children who are in regular attendance.

The Harvey Foundation works to realize the potential in student-athletes by providing many opportunities for community involvement. The goal of the Harvey Foundation is to give back to the community of Nantucket and its athletes. Working to accommodate the education and determination of island residents, it promotes the value and importance of “life-long learning, athletic participation, and continuing schooling,” according to the Harvey Foundation website.

The March Madness 3v3 basketball tournament launched their event by opening their doors at 9:00 a.m., welcoming and encouraging the island locals to participate in registering for their teams of 3-5 players, then continuing onto the “FUN Happiness,” as described by the Harvey Foundation. This included a three-point shooting contest, food, merchandise, raffles, and the tournament itself. There were also numerous college basketball games being played in the Nest, an inclusive room where teen-night is held.

The main events of the day were separated by age groups, the youngest participants being first graders. This being the third annual tournament benefiting the NBGC, the staff were very appreciative of the work the Harvey Foundation had done for both the children and the community. Jamie Foster, Director of Operations, shared his gratitude:

“The Harvey Foundation has been very supportive of the Boys and Girls Club and this community. They really look out for the children in the community, and they are always there, willing to help out the Boys and Girls Club.”

Children living on Nantucket are ecstatic about this event each year. This is because it is an opportunity for them to have some type of closure for the basketball season while looking up to their idols who are playing in the college level March Madness. It is also a great way for high school students to volunteer and be more involved within the community; their contribution was a huge help. Adriene Lombardi, who helped to establish the Harvey Foundation, describes the excitement about this event, saying, “there is not an event like this out here. So, people especially in the month of March, when the college basketball tournament is so popular, just want their season to continue. Having it be a three-on-three [tournament] allows for kids who might not typically play on an organized team to still be competitive, and they only need two other people. People love basketball, and it is just a fun event to be a part of.” The 3v3 tournament is unique to anything else on the island, which makes it so special to residents of Nantucket. Each age group has a winner. This year’s high school bracket winner of 2019 was a team made of some of Nantucket High School’s own boy’s basketball team. The team included- Malique Bodden, Luke Brucher, Devonte Usher, Torane Burton, and Victor Gamberoni.

Overall, the 3v3 basketball tournament held at the Nantucket Boys & Girls Club and run by the Harvey Foundation is a great community-involvement event, which includes many fun events throughout the entire day. All the proceeds made at this event are transferred directly back to the NGBC. Jamie Foster describes the Harvey Foundation by stating, “The Harvey Foundation has been excellent. They are a great community-driven organization and we love to be a part of this event with them.” The 3v3 tournament is a great community activity and will continue to be held by the Harvey Foundation in order to raise funds for the Nantucket Boys & Girls Club.


By Camie Strojny

Contributing writer

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