What kind of art are you into?

A: Most of what I do is more just make a mess and see how it turns out. I like to do a lot of cartoon and caricature art. I also love to paint with acrylics. I love doing abstract art, specifically when I’m angry.


What kinds of mediums do you use?

A: I do a lot of makeup, like body makeup and eye shadow. For body makeup, which is mostly what people know me for, I do Halloween and special effects makeup.


What is your favorite kind of medium to use? Do you like using models or just being alone with a canvas?

A: I don’t do much makeup on other people, because I want to get better before I use other people. I do a lot of makeup on myself, like special effects makeup for things like injuries; I think those look pretty cool. I also enjoy painting with a few of my close friends. They push me to want to improve.


When did you start getting into art and painting?

A: When I was younger, probably around six or seven, I would get together with one of my friends who lives near me and we would paint on the front lawn at my house. My parents would get us stacks of canvases that we would paint on.


What do you like about painting? Is it something that you like sharing with other people or is it something you do mostly for yourself?

A: It’s definitely for myself. I don’t really consider myself as very talented with any art but I enjoy the frustration that art gives me because it’s so different than the frustrations of school. I’m not focusing on getting a better grade, I’m just focused on improving because I want to get better. It’s competitive, but not as much with other people, more with yourself.


So your frustrations from art drive you to improve?

A: Yeah, like if I did a really bad painting, even though it’s really bad, it makes me want to do a better one. It’s a good distraction because I’m a pretty busy person so having something like art gives me an escape from everything else in my life.


Is there anything else you want to add?

A: I don’t want anyone to think that I’m under the impression that I’m some incredible artist. I do it because I like it and if people like my work, then that’s just an added bonus.


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