The Nantucket Swim and Dive Team have reached the end of their extremely impressive regular season. The team finished undefeated in both the boys and girls side of the team, with a record of 10-0. Along with an undefeated season, the team also won the Relay Carnival, the Cape Cod Classic, the Bay Colony Conference Championships, and the South Sectionals. 

When asked what the team does well, Head Coach Jim Pignato replied, “…what the boys team does really well and I think why we’re successful is because we are high in talent, plus depth….on the girls side I think we have a lot of versatility and while the top, high end strength isn’t quite there, we do have the depth…where a lot of people can do a lot of different things.” When talking about depth, Pignato believes he has a lot of flexibility when deciding line for meets, giving the team opportunities to very do well no matter the competition. There have been many big changes from last to this year’s team, mostly on the girls side. Pignato describes this change as going through an “identity crisis,” in the sense that this year, they are a much younger team due to the loss of a large senior group last year. He also states that, “the biggest question mark coming into the season was with the girls.”

Some goals the team has as they near the end is to win out their last couple of dual meets and championships, along with having as many swimmers possible qualify for sectionals and eventually states.  In addition, the senior captains had some ideas to add about their final season as NHS swimmers. Not only was everyone impressed with the drive of the team, but they were also very proud of the mood presented by their teammates. Stephanie Ryder, both a swimmer and diver expressed that she was very impressed with the improvements seen by all components of the team.

When asked what their team does well, senior captain Beck Barsanti replied, “I would say our team is very good at just doing the work that is asked of us to the best of our abilities. There have been some weeks where the coaches challenge us and I still see people come out successful and ready to keep going.” While all captains were in agreement of staying strong throughout the final meets and practices, Barsanti also included, “My goal for the end of the season is to create a supportive environment for any swimmer, new or returning, where they can practice and compete at whatever level they want and still feel like a part of this team.” There have been many different individual goals seen this season, but everyone seems to express the same idea for what the want as a whole. The team truly believes that the hard work they put in and the support they show for each other will lead to great things.


By Bella Cutone

Contributing Writer

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