To the Editors,

I am writing to dispel some of the misconceptions, clarify inaccuracies, and correct factual errors, contained in the Article “How The Whalers Lost their Pride”, especially the aspects regarding the Nantucket Booster Club. Additionally, I am providing information to the Nantucket High School Student Body about the Mission of the Nantucket Booster Club.

The Nantucket Booster Club is a 501(c)3 nonprofit, charitable, all-volunteer organization whose mission is to provide financial and physical assistance for all the Student-Athletes of Nantucket. High School. Founded in 1965, the Nantucket Booster Club has a strong history of helping the Nantucket High School Athletic Department and our Athletes. At the Club’s founding, Nantucket High School had 5 sports programs. Today the Nantucket High School Sports Programs have expanded to over 18 teams at multiple levels. In early 2016, the Booster Club expanded its Mission to include the Cyrus Pierce Middle School sports teams and student-athletes, who in many instances, are a part of our High School Sports Program. This has increased the number of sports teams the Booster Club supports to over 25.

The recent article published in Veritas stated:

  1. The Football Team receives “…$300 Letter-man jackets funded by the Booster Club, and more…”. False. The Booster Club does not supply, pay for or subsidize Jackets for the Football Team. These jackets are provided to football players (not free) through another memorial organization which receives donations from many alumni football players. In fact, the Booster Club has Letter Man Jackets available for sale at a subsidized price to all Nantucket High School athletes. These can be ordered by contacting the Boosters or going to our Website. Athletes can add Varsity letters and Championship patches to the Jackets as they are earned.
  2. For the article “…not many people want to be interviewed..”. False. The Nantucket Booster Club and its Executive Board members were never contacted to discuss the issues or facts in the article despite being mentioned 6 times. The Booster Club would be happy to discuss our mission and concerns of our student athletes at any time. We are always open to requests, recommendations and new ideas for how to best support our Athletes.
  1. There are different levels of support and “…different treatment regarding multiple sports teams.” The Booster Club supports all our student athletes and Sports teams equally. We do not require any team or athlete to “…worker harder to impress the Community” to garner our support. The Booster Club has been there to support our Athletes this past Fall and Winter at EVERY team’s home opening game and for all our home playoff games.

Each year the Booster Club contributes tens of thousands of dollars to benefit Nantucket High School Student Athletes and the Nantucket High School Athletic Department. We have assisted in the purchase of uniforms, apparel, sports equipment, cardio equipment, equipment for the athletic trainer, scoreboards, homecoming decorations, sports award dinners and senior recognition among just some of many things. Most recently, this fall the Booster Club has helped cover travel expenses, including hotels, for the Cross Country, Golf, Football, and Soccer Teams. We have also paid for new equipment for the Weight Room. We anticipate paying for travel expenses, including hotels, for our winter sports teams as they enter the postseason in the coming weeks. We do this for all our student athletes, not for anyone select team.

The Booster Club is also proud to award scholarships to deserving Nantucket Student Athlete Alumni from all our sports teams who have proved themselves at institutions of higher education every year. In addition to supporting our own Student Athletes, the Booster Club also hosts athletes from other schools helping to ensure they have a positive experience, win or lose, on Nantucket, always making sure they head home with a good meal.

Our funds come from the generous support of the Nantucket Community, through advertising, concession and novelty sales, grants and donations. The Nantucket Boosters Club welcomes all support, both volunteer and financial. The Booster Club meets weekly throughout the fall and all are invited to attend our meetings. Please visit our webpage for more information and meeting schedules. Also, visit our Facebook page and follow our twitter feed @ACKBoosterClub for more information about the Club and Nantucket High School Sports.

The Nantucket Booster Club looks forward to supporting our student-athletes this year and for years to come. Good luck to all our Whaler Teams and Athletes!


By Scott O’Connor



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