New Varsity Ice Hockey head coach is interviewed by Emmet Clarke. Corbett, along with Bob Hickman and Silas Gilbert make up an all new coaching staff as they look to achieve success in the regular season and state tournament.

Q: Have you been playing hockey your entire life?

Corbett: “I have been playing hockey since the age of 4. I learned how to skate at 3 and played pretty much non stop until I came to Nantucket.”

Q: How have you been involved in hockey on-island in the past?

Corbett: ”When I got to the island I met some other people who had the same passion for the game that I did and we started playing roller hockey and built the rink out in Tom Nevers. We played there and a few tournaments off island until Nantucket ice was built. I was also a USA referee and would work games off-island on the weekends. When the rink was built I helped start both youth hockey and the men’s league (which I still help run). I first started coaching when youth hockey got up and running.”

Q: How were you chosen as the head coach?

Corbett: ”I was ready to make the move to the High School program a few years ago, but with a lack of coaches at the youth level I stayed there. DJ

[Watkins] was the primary force behind me going for the varsity job. He really wanted me to take over. We are close friends and hockey junkies and would sit for hours talking hockey. I was chosen after the application and interview process.”

Q: What have you so far found the most challenging about the role?

Corbett: “The hardest adjustment to coaching at the High School level is the administrative things, paperwork, emails, and meetings. It is all fine, but you need to be good at time management, which I’m not always.”

Q: What has been the most enjoyable aspect of the role?

Corbett: “The most enjoyable part is working with the players. It is a great feeling watching them improve both individually and as a team. The “Brotherhood” that I’m constantly preaching, I truly believe in it, and love when the team buys into it. They [the players] become family, and it lasts a lifetime.”

Q: What are your personal goals for the season and how do you want to build future success?

Corbett: “My goals for this season are first and foremost that the players enjoy the season. I want them to want to be at the rink and work hard for each other. I would also like to see us back in the state tournament. This is obtainable with work ethic and perseverance. The future is bright. We are a young team, with a lot of good young talent coming in the future.”


By Emmet Clarke

Sports editor

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