The Accidentals and Naturals is the talented select chorus of Nantucket High School. The group consists of nineteen girls and eleven boys and is conducted by Erin MacIver, music teacher and music department head. This accomplished group of singers has had many events this December, the most well-known being a Christmas Stroll performance at the Jared Coffin House. They also performed at the Westmoor Christmas Party, Night of Holiday Magic, and the Dessert Cabaret.

This holiday season, the choir has been especially busy. They kicked off the season performing at the annual Tree Lighting at the top of Main Street on November 23rd, the day after Thanksgiving. Alumni of the group were invited to join current members on the steps of the Pacific National Bank to sing classic Christmas carols acapella. Over 150 balsam trees lining cobblestoned Main Street and surrounding byways magically illuminated following a dramatic countdown led by our illustrious Town Crier.

Nantucket Christmas Stroll was an exceptionally active weekend for the Accidentals and Naturals. They performed at four different venues in the span of twenty four hours. On Friday they sang twice at the FONPS House Tour held in the Whaling Museum. The House Tour consisted of a tour of antique and newly refurbished Nantucket homes professionally decorated for the season, and a reception at the Whaling Museum featuring sweet treats prepared by the NHS Culinary Arts students. On the following day, the choir performed outside the Jared Coffin House, on the stage on Main Street, and at the Westmoor Christmas party.  

The next weekend, the acapella group performed again at the Whaling Museum for their Night of Holiday Magic. This popular family event featured holiday carols, seasonal treats and child-friendly crafts among the Festival of Trees displays. New this year, the island’s favorite puppet show, Nanpuppets, joined the Accidentals and Naturals in the holiday festivities.

The Holiday Music Dessert Cabaret is presented by The Nantucket High School Music Department, and fundraised by the Accidentals and Naturals themselves. The event took place on Monday, December 10th in the Cyrus Peirce Middle School cafeteria. The purpose of the Cabaret was to raise money for the group’s trip to New York City, an amazing experience for each and every one of the students. The Cabaret has been an ongoing tradition for 20 years. The members of the Accidentals and Naturals served patrons with a hot beverage and a dessert of choice. Once arrived, attendees were seated and served as soon as possible. During this time, a Chinese auction was held in the high school cafeteria. This auction consisted of donations made by businesses around the island which the students collected. Once desserts are served, the group performed a variety of fun, complex songs. As said by the group conductor, Erin MacIver, “I don’t really have a favorite song that I am looking forward to the most, because I really like them all. Each song has its own special flair.”

When junior Anna Tornovish, was asked what she was most excited about for the Cabaret, she responded, “I’m most excited about the way we all work together in the group for the production and we have so much fun doing it and having people see how much we truly love doing the show each year.” The members of the group had a great time putting on not only this event, but the multitude of others over the course of the holiday season.


By Caroline Harding and Jaqueline McGrath

Contributing writers

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