For the past 8 years, Dr. John Buckey has positively influenced the island both inside and outside of the school system. Having earned his Bachelor’s degree in Spanish and Secondary Education from Asbury University, Dr. Buckey started his work in education as a spanish teacher and chair of the World Languages Department at The Lexington School in Lexington, Kentucky. Though Dr. Buckey thrived in the classroom environment, his real goal was administration.

Dr. Buckey honed in on his specialty at Harvard’s Graduate School of Education, earning his Master’s Degree in Administration, Planning, and Social Policy. After earning his Master’s, Dr. Buckey began his administrative career in Willoughby, Ohio serving as the Dean of Students at The Andrews School.

With a year of administrational duties under his belt, Dr. Buckey relocated to northern Massachusetts in 2001. Here he served as Littleton High School’s Vice Principal for four years before being promoted to the position of principal.

Dr. Buckey was hired as the Principal of Nantucket High School in 2008 during a period of immense tragedy for the Nantucket community. After a string of student suicides, Dr. Buckey stepped into the role with composure and expertise, working hard to make Nantucket High School a safe and enjoyable environment for students and faculty alike.

More recently, Dr. Buckey honed his administrative skills even further, completing his doctoral studies at Northeastern University with a dissertation focused on mentoring rural high school leaders.

With his extremely refined and specialized education, Dr. Buckey quickly caught the attention of the Massachusetts School Administrators’ Association (MSAA). In 2012, Dr. Buckey was the recipient of the Bertram H. Holland Award for High School Principal of the Year. This accolade helped him join the ranks of the MSAA on the Board of Directors in 2013. After two years, Dr. Buckey earned a position in board leadership, continuing on to climb even higher in the ranks and serving as MSAA Vice-President and Chair of the Finance and Personnel Committee. This fall, the MSAA announced Dr. Buckey as their new president. Having lived in Massachusetts for less than two decades, his rise to MSAA Presidency has been rapid, and deservedly so.

As Principal Appreciation Month comes to a close, Veritas recognizes Dr. Buckey for his excellence representing NHS as well as administrators state wide.


By Henry Dupont


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