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It is that time of the year again: when seniors are going through the long and arduous process of selecting and applying to colleges. Every year, students and parents from schools within the Cape and Islands region attend the college fair held at Barnstable High School to learn what each school has to offer them, including sports programs, clubs, majors, minors, and other information. Juniors and seniors from Nantucket High School went to the college fair on Wednesday, October 17, 2018.

A total of 156 colleges from all over the U.S sent representatives to the fair, including Dartmouth University, Boston University, Maine college of Art, Harvard College, Lynn University, and Air Force roTC. These representatives were given an assigned table, which had their names next to it, so students and parents could identify them easily. They provided information to students about the college they were representing and answered questions. They also gave handouts and asked students to give them their emails, in order to provide them with additional information.

Around 90 students from the NHS student body attended the fair, and seemed as though they were ready to go off to college. Most came with questions prepared, and were walking around with a sheet of paper to take notes; while others browsed through the list of colleges given to them by the adult chaperones. They carefully crossed out the colleges they were sure that they did not want to attend and also the ones that they have already visited. Students were also encouraged to highlight five or six colleges that piqued their interests. All students were up and about, walking from one table to the next, and a few of them with hands filled with pamphlets, books and folders from numerous colleges.

While many students thought that the college fair proved to be helpful by bringing them a step closer to their destined college, others thought it was unorganized, and overwhelming. Junior Matthew Giacchetti said, “I think it was helpful for students who came prepared, ones who knew what they wanted to become, and knew what they wanted to major in; but for others who didn’t have a clue, it was not helpful.”

A senior from Nantucket high, Prince McPherson said, “ I have been to many college fairs at my previous school, and they were more organized, less crowded, had more colleges and more space for people to walk, but it was still helpful. The people were great, they gave us great information and answered all the questions that were asked.”

A few teachers, guidance counselors and even the former vice-principal, John Lucchini, traveled along with the students and guided them through the event. Guidance Counselor Courtney Foster said, “This event is always helpful for students who are trying to make a connection at a school they are interested in as well as sparking their interest in a school that they may have never heard of. Personally, I was happy to connect with the counselors at Cape Cod Community College again, as well as hear about some programs at colleges that I had never known about.” Even though some students did not find the college fair helpful, it had everyone thinking and talking about college.


By Rheanna Perrin

Contributing Writer

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