One of the most exciting times of the year at Nantucket High School has already passed, and what a time it was. Luckily, it did not go by without the Nantucket Whalers bringing forth their pride and spirit.

Homecoming came early this year, taking place from Monday, October 1st, to Saturday the 6th. There was an extra buzz to this year’s Homecoming as it rolled into Columbus Day weekend, where students are not only granted Monday off, but Friday as well due to teacher development. Because of this, the Homecoming schedule altered slightly from tradition, with an exciting and busy week being followed by a jam-packed weekend. The school spirit week whipped by, starting with ‘Multiple Monday’. ‘Multiple Monday’ prompted students to dress up in similar attire to a group of their choosing. Hawaiian theme came on Tuesday, with students dressing up in their favorite island vacation outfit. “Whaler Pride Wednesday” followed, encouraging students to show their school pride through their blue and white themed clothes. Thursday was ‘Color Day’, a day in which every grade was assigned a different color to wear as a group. The seniors, juniors, sophomores and freshmen wore black, white, blue and green respectively. In addition to this, throughout the week each grade worked hard to prepare decorations for hallways. This is the annual Homecoming tradition where students set themselves to the difficult task of bringing the ordinary high school halls to life with various themes. This year the school was adorned with the seniors’ winning “Harry Potter” theme, the juniors’ “Monopoly” theme, the sophomores’ “Finding Nemo,” and the freshmans’ “Alice in Wonderland.”

On Thursday evening the students of Nantucket High kicked off HOCO weekend by dancing the night away at the first semi-formal Homecoming dance, organized by the student council. Junior Darian Duarte spoke about this new event, saying that; “It was truly a fabulous affair, and I hope that it is something that can become a time-honored part of the Nantucket Homecoming. I cannot think of a better way to get the weekend going.”

Friday was yet another busy day, as students hurried to add the final touches to their floats in order to get them ready for the parade, which set off at 4:30 that afternoon. The float lineup consisted of the Homecoming court, the cheerleaders, each individual high school grade level, and Lady Whalers Soccer. Following the parade was the annual Fall Sports Team Dinner, hosted by the Nantucket Booster Club. The Pep Rally brought the day to a close, consisting of fall athlete recognition, coach speeches, tug of war, and plenty of cheering.

Tensions were high on Saturday when all teams but Football were set to match up against their island rival, Martha’s Vineyard. Girls soccer dominated their game, beating the Vineyard with a decisive score of 6-0. Boys soccer fought through a heated game, and held MV at 0-0. Despite a valiant fight, field hockey ultimately fell to the Vineyard, losing 2-0. Perhaps the most looked forward to event was the 5:30 football game, where the boys faced off against Monomoy High School. Much to the joy of the players and spectators alike, the team ran away with a 53-14 victory.

At half time, the Homecoming court, made up of Alexa Aloisi, Paige Albertson, Anna Steadman, Sara Lombardi, and Jordan Perry for girls, alongside Emmet Clarke, Camden Willett, Victor Gamberoni, Cameron Bartlett, and Ethan Ferreira for the boys, took center stage. After the student body had voted, Anna Steadman and Emmet Clarke were crowned Homecoming King and Queen. The anticipated results of spirit week were also announced at this time. The seniors swept the competition, not only taking first place in hallways but also in overall Homecoming week dress up and spirit. The juniors were second in hallways, but third in overall spirit. The sophomores came in third for hallways, but snagged a second place slot for spirit. Although the freshman were last for hallways and overall spirit, they won first place in the float category due to their intricate work, leaving the Lady Whalers in second place, and the junior class in third.

In the blink of an eye Homecoming has come and gone. For some, it was the first of many, and for others it was the last. For the a former, hopefully many more happy Homecomings are headed your way. And for the latter, hopefully Homecoming did not escape you without leaving behind a bundle of fond memories and a lingering sense of good old whaler pride.


By Luly Day

Contributing Writer

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