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For the past 13 years, the Nantucket Inshore Classic fishing tournament has provided an opportunity for competition to local anglers. Anglers of all ages compete for prizes and raise money for the Nantucket Anglers Club Scholarship Fund. This year, the tournament wrapped up just a few weeks ago with their annual awards ceremony on Saturday, October 13th.

To participate in the tournament, anglers can compete in a range of categories, depending on the type of fish and the method of capture. The different methods of capture include All Tackle, Fly Rod and Catch-and-Release. This also includes a Junior category. These categories are then further separated by whether the fish was caught from a boat or from the beach. Anglers can catch striped bass, bluefish, bonito and false albacore.  

Throughout the duration of the tournament, anglers leading in each category are awarded weekly prizes, and the overall winners are announced at the annual awards ceremony. Nantucket High School was well represented in the tournament, with Jessica Bechtold and Roy Ryder both claiming titles in the Junior category.

Overall the tournament was a success. The tournament not only aims to encourage local anglers but also local students. Primarily serving as a fundraiser for the Nantucket Anglers Club Scholarship Fund, this year’s tournament helped to raise $20,000 for the club.


By Stephanie Ryder

Contributing Writer

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