Life is full of complexity. This is something that English teacher after English teacher has drilled into my malleable mind, and they are so insistent because it’s true. The world is full of complexity, and one of the most self-contradictory aspects of my life has to be my relationship with Apple. For a very long time, Apple and I were on good terms. I remember getting my red Ipod shuffle and bumpin’ tunes in the pool gallery during Ruby’s swim lessons. Next came the Ipod Shuffle. It had a SCREEN. This was an awesome feature because I could get all sorts of games on it. My favorite was Spore, and I remember playing it on the Steamship ferry before leaving it there, never to be seen again. The Ipod touch was a different animal entirely. I was baffled the first time I saw my cousin using one. “Is that playing music without headphones” I asked in astonishment as we zipped towards 40th Pole in the trusty Land Cruiser. Apple was faultless in those days, every product seemed just right, and they maintained this record for years and years, and then one day it happened. “Do you have an Ipod charger?” “Yeah” “can I use it?” “Sorry, I have the Ipod 5.” At this point in my life I was young enough that I did not realize that the foundation of my carefree life was crumbling beneath me. It started slowly at first. As more and more people purchased the Ipod 5, the fewer people I could ask to use their charger. Did they expect me to bring my own charger? Is this what true struggle feels like? This was hardly an inconvenience, and I still loved my Apple products, but deep down, something had changed, I didn’t trust apple like I used to. Things were smooth through middle school and for all of freshmen year. It was then that everything changed. Right at the beginning of Sophomore year I saw my first Iphone 7. It looked almost exactly like the Iphone 6, I wasn’t impressed, but I checked it out nonetheless. I took a double take, and I was confused at what I was seeing. Where was the headphone jack? They couldn’t have gotten rid of the headphone jack, how would anyone listen to music on their devices? They couldn’t have. Right? But they did, and now I didn’t trust Apple. They didn’t care that when I got a new phone all of my headphones would be rendered useless unless I bought their airpods or their dongles. Their new computer too, had a different charger than the last generation. And now, where life using Apple products used to be seamless, they have taken away the USB Ports. “Do you have a computer charger?” “Yeah, but the new one.”, “Do you have a dongle?” “Do you have a usb-c to lightning cable cord?” Who takes the USB ports out of their computer!!?! Cords are made with USB ports so that you can plug them into computers. The reason that Apple is valued at $1 trillion, is that if I lose my charger, I can’t use my old one, and if I want to use a hard drive I need a dongle, and if I want to listen to music I need their headphones or their dongle. I love Apple products, they are sleek, and easy to navigate, but I think that Apple has become so big, and is so much a staple, that they don’t really care about our thoughts on their design decisions, because odds are we will buy them anyway.


By Henry Dupont


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