If you know me, you know there’s only one thing I love more than anything, pickles. There are a lot of pickles on this island, however the best place to go for a nice pickle on Nantucket is Walter’s. Their pickles are the right amount of sour and ultimately have just enough crunch to make it so the mediocre pickles can’t even compare. If you’re polite to the workers at Walter’s, they’ll most likely retrieve a fresh pickle from the back, I’ve learned this from experience. The other day I was pondering and asked myself, ‘Where do I go if Walter’s is closed?’, Or what if I want a pickle to munch on but I’m not on island?’ Well today, I set off to find a Walter’s pickle substitute. I am currently in the middle of the ocean on a birthday cruise, so what do I do?  The first place I tried was the Deli, it was really similar to Walter’s. Their pickles looked a little on the peculiar side, but you should never judge a pickle by its appearance. I took one bite out of this pickle and fell in love. The crunch was perfect, it was juicy with just the right amount of crunch. I was so impressed that I went back for another one. This pickle changed my view on all the other pickles I’ve ever had. I would rate their pickles 10/10. The last and final stop was Fresh Creations. They are an organic salad bar, with loads of different toppings, so I knew they would have pickles. However, I was thrown off when I saw they were the sweet pickles which I despise. I took one bite out of the pickle and I was shocked when I liked it. It wasn’t the crunchiest, but had just enough flavor to make me forget it was a sweet pickle. Would I ever eat sweet pickles again? Most likely not, but it was a goodImage result for transparent picklepickle in the moment so I would rate it 7.5/10. My journey to find a pickle substitute was a long and tiring one, and after eating so many pickles I think it’s time for me to take a break from my pickle snacking. However this journey opened my eyes to try things out of my comfort zone. I hate the idea of sweet pickles but actually enjoyed them when I ate them on my cruise. I think we all should step out of our comfort zone and try something new!


By Kathryn Feldmann

Contributing Writer

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