Kicking off a new season, the Whalers Field Hockey team finds themselves with a new head coach, Jami Lower, replacing former head coach Laurie Moran. Switching up coaches led to a difficult start for the girls Field Hockey team, yet they are still hopeful and looking forward to a great season.

fullsizeoutput_6d.jpegThrough preseason, and just a small part of their regular season, Senior Captain Alexa Aloisi finds that “we are a lot closer this year than we have been in previous seasons, and there is definitely a sense of unity on and off the field.”

Over just a short period of time, the girls are bonding quite well and even managed to incorporate all grade levels into the team, even bringing two freshmen up onto the varsity squad. Along with the addition of the new freshmen, the team has also suffered from the loss of last year’s seniors, with “…a lot of talent to replace, especially on the front line.” Senior Captain and sole goal scorer Jordyn Perry said.

Last year, the senior class made up most of the forward and attack positions, leaving both players and coaches to adjust to these departures. However, Captain Aloisi still has high hopes as they are “…still moving people around to figure out what lineup works best.” This has made it particularly hard for the girls as they have faced some of their harder opponents while still adjusting to new players and a new coach.

So far, Nantucket has played Fairhaven, Dennis Yarmouth, and Barnstable, all very large high schools with strong competition. However, regardless of the rough start to the season, the girls team has managed to have a very productive and intense preseason, benefiting everyone. Accurately summarizing the preseason, fellow senior Captain Sara Lombardi states “We did a lot of conditioning and that’s what we really need.”

Running everyday, the girls were quickly whipped into shape, ready to face strong upcoming opponents such as Martha’s Vineyard and possible playoff teams. With this year’s homecoming game being against the Vineyard, there are very high stakes; not only to get the win and come closer to playoffs, but also to triumph against their long time rival. The girls are ready, though, and prior to facing the Vineyard, they play Barnstable, Monomoy, Seekonk, and both Sturgis East and West. As the Vineyard is coming to Nantucket during our Homecoming week, the girls will also be traveling to Oak Bluffs the week before, on Saturday the 29th, for the Vineyard’s Homecoming game. Though these are all tough matches, the coaching staff, as well as the Captains, believe in themselves and their peers, with hopes to reach playoffs and come out on top.

With a focus on utilizing each others strengths and maintaining communication, the field hockey teams feels they can accomplish anything. Looking to bounce back from the rough start to their season, the 2018 Girls Field Hockey team, led by three brilliant captains and a field of skilled players, are trying to not only finish strong this year, but build up the team for years to come.


By Henry Flanagan

Contributing Writer

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