With the postseason upon us, teams have been eagerly awaiting to hear their seeding and as to who their first opponent will be. Unfortunately, for the Whalers Field, that is not the case. After a hard fought season, they ended with a record of 5-11-1 and, similarly to girls soccer, they had their last game of the season canceled.

“At the start of the season many players did not have definite positions, and there were many gaps to be filled from the loss of last year’s seniors,” said the captain goalie, Sami Trattel. “After figuring out where everyone could play at their best, it was just a matter of improving their skill.”

The seniors lost including Sierra Grey, Isabel Beal, Darcy Foulkes and Lianna Harrington, all of whom have graduated and are attending college now.

Senior captain Sydney Strate reflected similar ideas to those of Trattel, saying, “despite the losses, the team has certainly been improving over the season. While most of the losses were to larger and more competitive schools, the games in our league went really well this year. Throughout the season though, as a whole team, I would say we’ve improved on our skills greatly, especially through our better communication among the field.”

The larger and more competitive schools Sydney Strate is referring to are teams such as Dennis-Yarmouth and Barnstable, both who not only have a larger pool of students to pick from but also participate in the recruitment of athletes from other areas in Massachusetts. Aside from these bigger schools, Strate also noted that, “certain games just seem to be unlucky,” especially with the boat rides off island this year being especially rocky and the weather inhibiting the team from practicing for almost a week.

“In order to achieve wins, you just simply have to try your hardest,” said Strate. “Don’t give up after the first goal has been scored by the other team, you have to stay motivated to finish the game with victory. It is very important to not just give up on yourself, but to also use the skills you have as a team to show what you’ve got. You can clearly see the difference between us not caring for the game and when we are determined to win.”

The games the team were determined to beat were certainly those against Monomoy and Martha’s Vineyard, both who proved to be fierce competitors. These games, “proved that our team wasn’t giving up on hope,” Strate said.

For next year, the team agrees that in order to make it into the tournament they need to be prepared against the bigger, harder teams. Strate emphasized the importance of always thinking of the impact of each game on their record, and further their ability to make playoffs.

“But more importantly I think as a team sometimes we just need to remember to have fun,” said Strate lastly. “Have fun doing a sport you love, and just have confidence that you are going to win.”

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