The Nantucket High School Golf Team is on their way to the State Championships. They are already off to a respectable start with a 3-3 record, and are continuing to make their way up the ladder. It has been over four years since the team has made it past the playoff rounds in the League, but they’re all hoping to turn it around this season.

Coach Roberts states, “the last three years have been about rebuilding the team, since our team is so young. We have a lot of young new talent that we hope will bring a lot to the team.”

Senior captain Ben Lombardi agrees.  He thoroughly believes that they can make it to the State Championships with all the new players, talent, and strive.  It will also help show how far they have grown and come over the past few years. The team hopes to improve on many things throughout the season. “We need to definitely improve on consistency.  We have been a little inconsistent with our scoring throughout. Our wins have come off of very high scoring matches, and our losses have come off of very low scores. I believe that we need to make it more of a solid average of scores,” stated Lombardi.

According to senior captain Tyler O’Keefe, there are several new promising players this season: Senior Zander Trudel, and Freshmen Jack Gammons, Will Harris, and Roy Ryder.  These players are showing their commitment to the game, and dedication to work towards a goal.  

“Our rival is Monomoy, who we’ve lost to twice this season – the second time we only came up a few points short. Our hardest competition is most certainly Sturgis West because they have a solid team that have beat us every time for the past few years.” explained O’Keefe.  Both captains believe that in order to beat these opponents,  they have to bring their best game to the course and make every shot count. Also, “each player needs to consistently score 20 points,” added Lombardi.

Coach Robert said that in the past years, including this season, they have been caught in the middle ranks, but he feels that the team is capable of performing better in the second half of the season. They hope that the next time they play,  they will come out on top with a win.

The Nantucket High School Golf Team has been working hard this season and are growing tremendously in terms of ability and team chemistry. They will have to work their hardest to accomplish their goal, making it to the State Qualifiers.  


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