GIRLS SOCCER 3After not making playoffs in what was considered to be a rebuilding year for the Girl’s Varsity Soccer team, they are striving this year to work hard and accomplish great things, starting the year, for example, with an intense two-week conditioning pre-season to ready them for their new season.

“Preseason was definitely a lot of work, practicing everyday and having double sessions on some days was a lot to juggle with almost everyone on the team working. But I think it made us really prepared for the season,” said senior captain Katherine Pittman.

As a part of their preseason, the Lady Whalers traveled to Nauset High School for a jamboree, playing three scrimmages against other teams.

“The jamboree was perfect preparation for our regular reason. It allowed us to get back playing soccer and showed us who we want where on the field and what formation is going to work best for us in the future,” said head coach Phil Taylor.

After school began, the team kicked off their season with a win away against Pope John Paul II, a team to which they tied once and lost once in the previous year.

“It felt great to be able to start of the season with a win, especially against such a competitive team. It was great to see everyone working together as a unit,” commented varsity goalie Paige Albertson.

A big focus for the team this year is making playoffs, something both the coaches and players are working hard to realize. At their first home game of the season, the varsity soccer team faced Monomoy, another team they had tied and then lost to last fall. They again tied Monomoy this fall, with both teams evenly skilled and determined, the game ended without any goals being scored by either team.

“It was a really evenly matched game, both teams were fighting hard and no one was getting many shots on net,” said Pittman. In their third game of the season, the Lady Whalers took their first loss against Barnstable High School. This loss is allowing them to begin making improvements in practice and then applying this to the field during games.

Practice is a huge part of the team’s growth and success this season, as the coaches expect each player to come motivated and ready to work hard each day. With recent hurricane Jose, the Lady Whalers season has been put on hold for a week. Two of their games were postponed and all of their practices were held inside.The team took another loss while away at Falmouth Academy, playing in the tiring heat.

“Everybody showed a really good attitude and no one complained about having to spend a week inside. We switched the time of our practice and everyone worked their schedules around it which was great to see” said Taylor.

With the storm pushing back their season an entire week, the Girls Varsity Soccer team has a busy next few weeks packed with games, many of which they are looking to win, using practice time to build endurance and practice working well together as a unit.


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